Justin Bieber Visits Hospital for Wrist Injury

Justin Bieber‘s homecoming trip to Canada hit another snag … in addition to being arrested, he had to hit up a local hospital Wednesday for a wrist injury … TMZ has learned. 

We’re told Bieber went to the Stratford General Hospital in Ontario to have his wrist checked out. According to our sources, it turns out he suffered a sprain. 

As TMZ previously reported, Bieber was arrested Friday for assault and driving dangerously following an accident between Bieber’s ATV and a pap in a minivan. It’s unclear if Bieber injured his wrist in the ATV accident … or if he hurt it trying to reach something on a really high shelf. Ya know, cause he’s tiny.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/09/03/justin-bieber-hospital-ontario-canada-wrist-injury/#ixzz3CM9nkTAj

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