The story behind 1D: Why zayn really left the band


Although celebrity band member Zayn Malik, leaving 1D was a massive disappointment to 1D fans and teens, here’s the story why he really left. Recently during an interview with Capital FM, former band mate Liam Payne opened up as to why Zayn left.



“It’s like any other job really; sometimes you have to move on because you’re not enjoying what you’re doing as much.” Payne explained that just like any job, sometimes people have to move on and find a better career that pleases them. On their speech for “Top Band of the year” of Billboard Music Award’s 1D appreciated Zayn that even though he isn’t in the band, most of it was because of him.  While the split of boy band 1D was rough, Payne said the remaining members of 1D are still “great mates” and they wish Malik the best.

So why did Zayn Malik REALLY leave?


He wanted to spend time with his close friends, and most of all his fiance.

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