Dashcam footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest released

The Texas Department of Safety has finally released dashcam footage of Sandra Bland’s violent arrest. Sources are now speculating that the footage may have been tampered with. You can watch a shortened version of the arrest below, or click here to watch the full video which contains NSFW language.

– blogged by @avah_taylor – The Texas Department of Public Safety has released the dash cam video of State Trooper #BrianEncinia's violent arrest of #SandraBland, who was subsequently found dead three days later in her #WallerCounty jail cell. Parts of the 52-minute video uploaded to the department's YouTube channel appears to have been edited. There's also no timecode on the footage, which is customary for police videos. was the first to report that there was missing footage in some parts of the video, while other parts seemed to have been looped to match the recorded audio of Encinia speaking. At one point in the video, a tow truck driver can be seen walking towards Encinia's cruiser before walking out of the frame. Fifteen seconds later, the same footage is repeated as the audio of Encinia speaking plays uninterrupted. In another section of the video, a white car drives into the dash cam's view and then suddenly disappears in the middle of the road. Seconds later, the same car reappears and makes a left turn. The same clip is later looped multiple times. Norton isn't the only one who suggested the video has been tampered with. #AvaDuVernay, who directed the Oscar-winning film “Selma,” tweeted: “I edit footage for a living. But anyone can see that this official video has been cut.” After the story broke, the Texas DPS uploaded a new video of Sandra Bland's arrest. The second video is 49:11 in length, 3:01 shorter than the first video which was 52:12. DPS spokesman #TomVinger told the Texas Tribune the video was not edited and implied the discrepancies were uploading errors. State trooper Brian Encinia has been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation into Bland's death.

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