Mutliple casualties and injuries in Oregon community college shooting

UPDATE: Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin confirmed that the shooter was killed after an exchange of gunfire with police.

Mercy Medical Center, a hospital in the Roseburg, said it had received nine patients and was expecting three more.

According to Roseburg Police Sgt. Aaron Dunbar, the incident was contained to one classroom on the campus.

As many as 13 people were killed and 20 were injured as a result of the shooting.

ORIGINAL STORY: A shooter who opened fire at Umpqua Community College in southern Oregon injured as many as 20 people and killed 7 to 10 others according to Oregon State Police Lieutenant Bill Fugate.

KATU-TV reports that Oregon State Police say there were multiple fatalities.

Police received the call of an active shooter in the classroom at the college around 10:38am local time according to the Douglass County Sherriff’s Office.

It is unclear whether or not the shooter was downed or detained.

Story still developing…


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