High School Football Spotlight: Yuma Catholic @ Estrella Foothills

Then, just when Estrella Foothills looked dead in the water, miraculously, they stole the momentum back once again. On the ensuing kickoff, Coach Stallworth finally, for the first time of the game, decided that kicking the ball to Kylan Knox would be a safe choice. Unfortunately for the Shamrocks, he thought wrong. Knox made the most of this lone time that he got his hands on the ball, picking up all of his blocks, and maticulously shifting from left to right, as he took this kick all the way to the house for 89 yards, giving the game a score of 19-14. 

This score would hold until halftime, giving both teams a lot to think about going into the half.

Interestingly enough, the second half of this game would be more defensively driven. The first score of the half didn’t come until the 6:34 mark of the 3rd quarter, as it was the start of the Joe Logan show. Joe Logan scored his 21st touchdown of the year, a 15-yard run, after charging down the field and giving Estrella Foothills their first lead of the game, making the score 21-19.

Yuma Catholic would be the next to strike, late in the 3rd quarter, as Stetson Stallworth once more showcased his versatility as the state’s leading passer. From the 30 yard line, with 3 defenders in his face, Stallworth, as he does so well, checked the ball down to RB Jaylen Barnes, who had numerous blockers in the middle of the field, allowing him to scamper into the end zone for a 30-yard score. The Shamrocks would go for 2 again, this time successfuly, leaving the score at 27-21, headed into the 4th quarter.

If you’re Estrella Foothills, one of the main problems with having a run-first offense is that if your lead back goes down, you don’t have much else to lean on. And the next time the Wolves got the ball, it would be the start of a lingering leg cramp that seemed to bother Joe Logan for the remainder of the night. In addition to this persistent injury that limited Logan’s work load, QB Jake Ayala also was sacked, and injured in the 4th quarter, forcing the MLB, Tyler Godfrey to come into the game to play QB.

Neither team moved the ball particularly well in this final quarter, but the Estrella Foothills Wolves did have one final chance to win the game, as they got the ball back, down by 6, with 4 minutes left to play. The backup QB, and MLB, Tyler Godfrey made several attempts at passes toward the sideline, but they were all off line, as having just 30 total pass attempts all year was starting to rear its ugly head at the Estrella Foothills offense.

The Wolves would come up just short in this matchup, as the final score ended up being Yuma Catholic – 27, Estrella Foothills – 21.

With the win, Yuma Catholic moves on to 8-0, extending their historic win streak to 25 games, having already trumped their biggest obstacle of the season.

With the loss, Estrella Foothills drops to 6-1, suffering their first loss of the season, still looking primed to acquire a playoff spot.

As the #1 passing team in the state proved to be superior to the #1 rushing team in the state, it seems as if the age-old debate of “Pass vs. Run,” has finally been resolved–At least on this night.

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Justin Heintz

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