“Clock Kid” Meets President Obama At the Second Astronomy Night On Monday


The “clock kid” as many call him, made a visit to the White House on Monday, (Oct 19) for the Second Astronomy Night Event. Ahmed Mohamed, was arrested in late Septemeber for a science project, a handmade clock, and was mistaken by a bomb.

Mohammed, along with 300 other students including Bill Nye (The Science Guy!) and 11 NASA astronauts were invited for the special event as well.

For the appreciation of the United States’ role in space exploration, President Obama gave his remarks.

“I love Astronomy Night!”, he began, ““NASA found water flowing on Mars. Earlier this year we mapped Pluto in high resolution. In recent years, we discovered the first Earth-sized planet orbiting a star in a distant galaxy. And we’ve even slipped the outmost grasp of our solar system with Voyager I.”

Both Mohamad and President Obama had a brief conversation and ended his speech with “And today, NASA is developing the capabilities to send humans to Mars in the 2030’s.” 

Ahmed did not bring his clock with him.

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Anisa Afkhami

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