EVIT Foundation Breakfast event

On Wednesday, November 4, more than 350 supporters attended EVIT’s Breakfast and Fundraising Event to help current EVIT students with financial need, receive scholarships raising over $80,000. 

The event was hosted at the EVIT Culinary Arts Banquet Hall from 7:00 am to 10:30 am. Many attending students shared remarkable stories of their success and opportunities EVIT provided for them.

Steve Grosz, the general manager of the pulse, welcomed the special guests, presenting a project the EVIT Video Production made, shown below. Joey Liberatore, a current radio student at 88.7 the pulse, addressed his beginnings in radio and goals he will be accomplishing in the future as well.


The President of the Arizona Cardinals football team, Micheal J. Bidwill, gave out a brief history of the Chicago Cardinals owned by his great grandfather in 1932! What?!


At the end of the event, artist Randall Hedden performed a 5-minute painting of, can you guess who it is?



Randall received $4,000 on an auction bet for his drawing. What interested you the most? Comment below and share us!

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Anisa Afkhami

News reporter/ Journalist of 88.7 the Pulse. Email me at for more information or questions!