Nick Jonas’ next album will dive deeper into R&B

Nick Jonas released his self-titled album exactly one year ago and he isn’t wasting any time on getting ready for the next one!

As a matter of fact, Jonas is nearly done recording his album which will go a bit deeper into R&B.

“I’m anxious to finish it and get it out. It goes a bit deeper into the soul and R&B side of things,” Nick told Digital Spy. “I tried to push myself a bit harder and continue to grow. I want people to challenge me and make me better. I’m so proud of this record.”

Nick, who recently mentioned that the album will drop in February or March, has also revealed that the new record will be collaboration-free.

“It was important for me to set it up myself first and let it build from there,” he said. “It was all about me, to do it one step at a time.”

Nick’s upcoming album will feature his singles “Levels” and “Area Code“.

PHOTO: Getty / Michael Tran

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