Kira’s Sports Talk: Titans vs. Jaguars

Titans and Jaguars play Tomorrow, Thursday November 19th in Jacksonville.

Both teams, in my opinion are terrible teams, Titans with a 2-7 record and Jaguars 3-6 record. Even though the Titans won against the Saints November 3rd, which was surprising to most fans, the Titans have a losing season going for them. Both the teams are in the bottom of their division as well, so that doesn’t show much competition for either team.

I personally believe that the Titans could win the game against the Jaguars because they did beat the Saints but they did lose against the Panthers last Sunday, but you never know what will happen just because they both are crappy teams this year.

 The Jaguars on the other hand did win 3 games, not much better than the Titans, winning against the Ravens, Bills, and Dolphins.  They are one game ahead of the Titans but I don’t think they could win Thursdays game because they get significant penalty’s all the time, Allen Hurns will be out probably with a sports hernia, running back T.J. Yeldon being evaluated for a foot injury, and their defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks will miss the rest of the season because of a torn right triceps muscle. The Jaguars don’t have much going for them I think, and I think they might choke playing against the Titans.

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