Ronda Rousey gets medical suspension, not allowed to fight for months

If you can’t wait for a Ronda Rousey – Holly Holm rematch, you’re going to have wait quite awhile for it.

The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion won’t be back in the ring for at least two months after her absolutely devastating loss at UFC 193, the first of her MMA career, which landed her in the hospital.

Rousey was knocked out barely under one minute into the second round on Saturday by her 34-year-old opponent, Holm, who delivered a swift kick to her head. The fight is being called the biggest UFC upset in history.

The UFC recently released a list of fighters’ medical suspensions to MixedMartialArts.com, which shows that Rousey is prohibited from fighting for 60 days and is not allowed to have contact for 45.

The list shows that Rousey could be given a six month medical suspension unless she is cleared by a head CT scan that reveals no damage. It is unclear if the suspension will be implemented for that long.

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