Kira’s Sports Talk- Could Antonio Brown outshine Calvin Johnsons Receiving Record?

Could Antonio Brown outshine Calvin Johnsons Receiving Record ?

Antonio Brown is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has been playing for them since 2010. Antonio is 27 years old with a great head start. He has gained 1,141 yards receiving  just this year, which is outstanding.

I think that Antonio Brown will definitely outshine Calvin Johnsons receiving record because of many reasons, one being this season alone Johnson has only earned 740 yards, which is way lower than Browns. As well as, Brown is younger than Johnson, so he has a longer time to play and is a faster runner. Johnson is also on the decline of his career which he’ll be retiring soon but Brown is just in the beginning of his career, with the rest of the season ahead.

In week 10, Brown gained 139 yards, and in week 9 he gained 284 yards. That is a pretty huge amount of yards, while Johnson only gained 85 yards in week 8, ha d a Bye in week 9, and only achieved 81 in week 10. Just the numbers show you how much a difference there is between these two receivers.

They both are very good receivers but clearly Antonio Brown will break Johnsons receiving record with an impressive amount of yards to show for it.


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