Chicago student records people’s reactions when she tells them they’re beautiful

 Our world is covered with so many beautiful things. From a simple tree, through a mother’s eyes, or even the smallest drop of rain on a leaf. Everything around us beautiful.

Although, we often blind themselves from society, that sometimes we forget the most beautiful things of all…are ourselves.  Our unique personalities, our thoughts, our feelings, or even our looks! We are all beautiful! And sometimes all we got to do is compliment ourselves.

To prove this point, Shea Glover, a Chicago student, recorded a video of student reactions when being told they’re beautiful.

“I conducted an independent project which evidently turned into a social experiment regarding beauty,” Glover writes. “I asked students and teachers to allow me to take their picture for a project. Some of them I knew; most of them I did not. As I recorded them, I told them the purpose of my project.”

The 18-year-old peer explained the project was “taking pictures on things that are beautiful” while capturing their natural reactions.

When being asked, no one had the ability to hide their feelings, many of the emotions differed from being surprised, suspicious, pleased or even hurt from anger, revealing the bitter truth.  As A Plus News stated, “we really are our own worst critics.”

It’s amazing how a simple word can change a person’s mood within seconds.

Watch the video below:


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