You can now add friends on Snapchat via a URL

Snapchat is incredibly simple to use. One thing has always been surprisingly troublesome though: Finding and adding new friends. With the app’s latest update, however, that issue isn’t much of a problem.

To share your Snapchat account with your friends, just make, and then share a personal Snapchat URL ( To do this, first open up the app, then pull downward on the screen in camera view. Then, tap “Add Friends,” and then “Share Username.” From there, the app will give you your own link, which you can then share with friends online instead of using Snapcodes. If your friend clicks on the link, it will automatically add you as their friend on Snapchat.

Of course, you can still add friends the old-fashioned way: When you swipe down to the “Add Friends” screen, you can add someone by username or from your address book. But if you’re looking to expand your Snapchat follower base, just add it to your Instagram or Twitter bio for cross-platform domination.

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