Super Bowl 50: Panthers or Broncos?

Panthers or Broncos?

Cam Newton, Panthers Quarterback, has 45 completed touchdowns and is expected to be MVP of the league but the Broncos defense is outstanding this season.

I think that the Panthers will win the Super Bowl 50 because the Broncos have not had the chance to see Newton play and he is a huge threat to the Broncos defense. Newton gave the league highest pre game score, 31.3 points. Also the Panthers defense could pressure Manning, they have 20 turnovers this season and 24 interceptions.

The Broncos have not seen a running quarterback like Newton. He has 10 rushing touchdowns and two more during the NFC championship game, so I believe that the Panthers have a better chance at winning the game because of Newton’s ability to run the ball if necessary.

Overall, the Panthers have a huge advantage at winning the game against the Broncos because of Newtons abilities.

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