Cam Newton’s interview meltdown

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers QB showed a different side of himself after Sunday nights game during a interview.

He only answered seven questions and left quickly after. Newton is normally a very happy, outgoing player but not after the loss to the Denver Broncos, 24-10 score.

Newton is a great QB and an amazing team player but the interview didn’t show it. I think that in a week or so, Newton will see that interview again and not be happy with how he reacted, and come back with an apology to his fans, and the company. He didn’t have much time after the loss to get himself together before the interview, so that could have been very overwhelming to a first time Super Bowl QB.

In spite of this, Peyton Manning thinks that Newton will be the new face of The NFL. I also think that the Panthers will return to the Super Bowl, and Newton will be the cause of it. Still with his 15-1 season, 35 touchdowns, and running 10 more, Newton will come back from this loss a bigger, and better QB.

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