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Now You See Me 2 Movie Review

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I’ve reviewed The Conjuring 2 and Warcraft, so it’s time for the third and final movie review of the week, and it is for the sequel to the 2013 film Now You See Me! To be honest, I thought that the first movie was very okay. I think that it’s possible to have a good time with it, and I think that there are cool magic elements in the first movie. I used to be so interested in magic when I was younger, and it still has the capability of really grabbing my attention, so I did like that. I also think that both installments have awesome casts, and even though Isla Fisher is not returning, she was replaced with another actress I like in Lizzy Caplan. I saw this movie first last night, but I’m talking about it second, so it’s finally time to get my thoughts out!

Now You See Me 2 is directed by Jon M. Chu and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, Mark Ruffalo, Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman, and Woody Harrelson. I said Woody Harrelson twice? Sorry about that. I didn’t even notice. After a year in hiding, the world-famous team of magicians and moral warriors, the Four Horsemen, are ready to come out again and perform for the world. They also have brought out a new Horseman named Lula played by Lizzy Caplan. They learn that a top technology company is aiming to wreck the lives of the population, and they decide that they must stop the company and the men at the helm. One show later, they find themselves in something much deeper than they ever could have imagined.

I liked this movie. I had a really good time with it, and I thought it was an absolute ton of fun. I really enjoyed watching the magic go on, and even though sometimes it doesn’t make sense and it constantly follows the same idea of trick, reveal, escape, I still had an awesome time watching it all unfold. I thought that the route that Jesse Eisenberg’s character took was actually very interesting, I had fun watching Dave Franco on-screen, Woody Harrelson has a charisma and attitude that we only get from him, and Lizzy Caplan fit into the movie very well, and it was cool to see how her character was able to match the skills of the famous magicians. I also thought that Mark Ruffalo gave a great performance and really stood out in a great cast. His character was explored so thoroughly, and I like the angles that he took and the way that he interacted with the rest of the characters, and the relationship with his father and magic worked so well for me. Again, I had an awesome time watching some of the magic scenes in this movie. There is a scene where the Four Horsemen are trying to steal something, and in a series of card tricks, we see all of them exhibit their abilities, and it is a very cool sequence. Does it all make complete sense? It doesn’t, but it is fun to watch and so interesting to see the unfolding and unwrapping of the scene.

As far as my negatives go, they didn’t really stop me from having fun with this movie. I do think that the movie is predictable. From the opening shot I could pretty much lay out exactly what was going to happen in the rest of the scene, and it wasn’t too difficult or too much of a lengthy thought process. I never feel like the Horsemen are in danger, so I can’t exactly be surprised when they emerge from situations or tasks that the typical person would not do well in or complete. I also think that there are some very exposition heavy scenes. I don’t need it to be explained to me. Let me figure it out, because for the most part, I felt like I was ahead of the movie anyways. There is literally a scene in about the first twenty minutes of the movie where the Horsemen are going over a plan like a football huddle. They make sure that everyone understands what is going to happen clearly in words without leaving any mystery, and then basically say, “break,” like a football team would when they break huddle. This is a movie about magic. Give me some mystery and wonder, and I will enjoy those aspects even more. I also feel like sometimes over its own head. It tries to get too complicated for its own good, and it gets twisted and turned in its own spindle sometimes. Finally, I thought that Daniel Radcliffe was a pretty weak villain. He is pretty textbook and the kind of villain who just laughs maniacally and puts his hands together. He might as well have been sitting in a spinning chair and petting a kitty.

Overall, I had a really fun time with Now You See Me 2, and I would definitely suggest checking it out because it is a fun summer movie. It is right on par with the first movie, and though it has some problems through taking itself a little bit too seriously and the exposition scenes, it is still a good time, and if you are at all interested in magic, there are plenty of cool sequences of magicians and illusions in this film. I’m going to give Now You See Me 2 a 6.8/10.

Did you get the chance to check out Now You See Me 2? If you did, what did you think? Comment and let me know! How did it compare to the first movie in your opinion? As I said earlier, this is the third movie I have reviewed this week, so if you would like to check out my review for The Conjuring 2, you can click right HERE, and if you would like to check out my review of Warcraft, you can click right HERE! I should have reviews for both Central Intelligence and Finding Dory next week, so be sure to stick around for those, and as always, thank you, and keep listening to 88.7 The Pulse!

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