This new KFC box lets you charge your phone while you eat

KFC has launched a new “meal box” in India that lets you charge your phone.

Yes, you read that first sentence right. The box comes equipped with  built in outlets and cables that conveniently allow you to charge your phone while you chow down on fried chicken.

KFC has dubbed the meal box as the “Watt a Box.” The cables are iPhone and Android compatible.

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, a representative of KFC India said, “With the launch of Watt a Box, we have gone a step ahead and also introduced an element of utility into the box. Each one of us spends a considerable time on our smartphones daily, and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt a Box around.”

Yes, because God forbid your phone were to die before you could Instagram or Snapchat your box of fried chicken. Oh, the horror.

Photo courtesy of KFC. 

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