Don’t catch and drive: ADOT reminds drivers to not play Pokémon Go while driving

Pokémon Go has people of all ages, including myself and Justin Lyons, on the hunt for Pokémon. It’s really great to see how many people love this game! While Pokémon Go is incredibly fun and gets its users out of the house and walking around outside, ADOT is now reminding drivers to not play the game while on the road.

ADOT is teaming up with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and is reminding drivers to stay off their phones and wait until they are out of the car to begin their Pokémon hunting.

“Pokémon Go is a no-go when driving,” one of ADOT’s various freeway signs, seen below, reads.

The bottomline is a serious one: distracted driving is a legitimate problem across the United States and contributed to 33 deaths in Arizona last year. According to ADOT, distracted driving also played a key role in approximately 8,000 crashes in Arizona.

Sorry to cut this short, but I seriously have to start wrapping up this post. There’s a Pikachu up the road and I’m determined to go catch it! The next time you get behind the wheel, just remember: “Pokémon Go is a no-go when driving.”

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