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Nerve Movie Review

Another week, another movie review presented by our good friends over at FatCats Gilbert located on the southwest corner of Greenfield and Baseline. FatCats Gilbert is the most comfortable place to check out the latest movies at the box office, and they even bring food right to your theater seat!

With a few movies coming out this week, I’m going to start with the movie I saw first, and it’s Nerve. I was actually pretty excited for Nerve. I liked the trailer other than that I thought it gave everything away. In fact, after seeing this movie, I would say that if you haven’t seen the trailer for Nerve yet—don’t watch it. It gives a lot way. If you really need to watch it, only watch the first minute. Anyway, I thought that most of the trailer made Nerve look really interesting, so I was excited to check it out. I also think that Emma Roberts is very talented, and I think Dave Franco is very funny and talented. I thought Nerve looked like it could be really fun, and I wanted to get a few good thrills out of it, so let’s talk about it!


Nerve is directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. After a new game called Nerve has taken the country by storm, Vee, played by Emma Roberts, decides that instead of being extremely reserved per usual, she should give Nerve a shot as a player instead of a watcher. Her best friend has become popular in the game by taking on its crazy dares, and she needs to prove that she isn’t just the sidekick. As soon as she starts playing, she runs into Ian, played by Dave Franco, who is a little bit mysterious. They quickly begin to like each other as they team up for the insane dares the game brings, but they both learn that Nerve may be pushing a little bit too far.

I said I wanted to have fun with this movie, and I sure as heck did. I actually had a ton of fun with this movie. I liked watching all of the dangerous dares that were going on in the movie, and I felt like I was really watching these people take on these challenges. Some of them are just flat out gross, but some of them really dig deep and give the thrill that I really wanted out of Nerve. I was actually sweaty palmed multiple times, and I just tried to picture this game being a real thing. I also really liked both of the leads and their characters. I thought they had pretty good chemistry, and it also went a long way when it comes to having fun watching them complete all of these challenges together. They really worked for me in their roles, and I felt the connection and tension between them. I also have to give this movie a little bit of respect for coming up with some creative and entertaining dares. If this game was real, people of the world would take it to some places that I don’t really want to see on-screen, but again, I had a blast watching these play out, and I did get the adrenaline rush that I wanted to from this movie and would imagine the characters in this movie get from playing Nerve.


I had a great time with this movie, and I even said from the trailer that I was really intrigued by what was going on with the dares and the characters interacting. I thought that the last third of this movie goes from zero to one hundred, and that doesn’t work for me. Actually, it probably goes from about sixty-five to one hundred because this movie is very high energy. I just thought that the end of the movie went too far, and it went crazy. It went way over the top, and it made some connections that were really questionable. It just felt like a jumbled mess. It didn’t necessarily feel shoehorned in, but it felt like it was just such an over the top mess. Next, I didn’t really buy Vee and her best friend as best friends. They seem like stereotypical school enemies with Vee as the unpopular girl and her best friend as the most popular girl in school, and though I found it interesting that they took it a different route than you usually see, I still couldn’t picture them as best friends just because of the way they interact and the way that their personalities conflict. Usually the best friend of a popular girl in a movie is kind of a slave to the popular girl, so I liked that Vee was her own person and didn’t necessarily rely on her friend, but it felt like a strange duo.


Overall, I had a lot of fun with Nerve, and I think it’s a movie that a lot of young adults and teens will get plenty of enjoyment and thrills with. I don’t ever want to tell you that you won’t like a movie, but I definitely think that this movie is aimed at young adults and teens. In fact, now that I think about it, I think there was only one noteworthy adult in this movie. I was sweaty palmed in this movie multiple times, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier that a game doesn’t exist. No. Wait. I’m pretty glad that The Hunger Games is fake. Anyways, even though the last third of the film is insane and over the top, I still had fun with Nerve, and I liked both of the leads. I would also say don’t watch the trailer before you see this movie. Go in and take it all in fresh. I’m going to give Nerve a 6/10.

Are you going to be checking out Nerve? Comment down in the comment section and let me know! I should have my review for Jason Bourne out very soon, and I will have a review for the brand new movie from the DC Extended Universe—Suicide Squad—next week! As always, thank you, and keep reading Silver Screen Beat!

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