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War Dogs Movie Review

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I was really looking forward to War Dogs, so I’m excited that I was able to check it out last night and that I get to talk about it right now! I really love both Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, and they always seem to be improving on their bodies of work. This movie is also directed by Todd Phillips who directed The Hangover, Old School, Due Date, and Starsky & Hutch, which I think are all very funny movies. I also think Todd Phillips is a really talented comedic storyteller, so that was another plus for War Dogs before I had even seen it. I was kind of expecting The Wolf of Wall Street meets The Hangover, and I love both of those movies, so to think that those two would be combined is a dream. Let’s talk about War Dogs!

War Dogs is directed by Todd Phillips and stars Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as weapon suppliers for the United States in territories that the United States is not allowed to do business with. They call themselves gun-runners and, of course, war dogs. David, played by Teller, started as a massage therapist, but when he begins to realize he won’t be able to support his wife and newborn baby in his current profession, he turns to his middle school best friend named Efraim, played by Jonah Hill, who is making a boatload of money as an arms dealer. They climb the ladder of the industry, but they may be getting a little bit too high.

I loved this movie. I wanted to love this movie so badly, and I’m so happy to say that I thought that War Dogs was great. As I said before, Miles Teller and Jonah Hill are constantly getting better and giving quality performances in movies that they should be proud to have in their filmographies. I think I started to realize that I loved Miles Teller back in 2013’s The Spectacular Now, and I’ve loved him ever since. Don’t get me wrong. He has had some flops, but he constantly amazes me in every role that he gets to take seriously. I thought that he killed it in War Dogs, and I also thought that Jonah Hill was phenomenal. Jonah Hill used to be that guy who came into a high school movie and said some raunchy stuff, made us laugh, and moved on. He’s not that guy anymore. Ever since Moneyball he has shown that he is also amazingly talented. Both Teller and Hill are fantastic in War Dogs, and they have great chemistry. They even seem to play off of each other better as the movie goes on, just as it would happen in real life. I was also absolutely enthralled by the story. I was so fascinated by the way that these two guys went from nothing to internationally known men who have no problems making a few bucks. Isn’t a smart crime story always so interesting? I think that as a whole, viewers like to be able to be sucked in by a crime thriller with real characters because we don’t get to do this stuff on a regular basis, so we get our kicks out of these real characters and live vicariously through them. This movie is also so hilarious. To this second, thinking about Jonah Hill laughing makes me giggle. The trailers didn’t spoil the jokes, so I was able to walk away with so many laughs. Bradley Cooper isn’t in the movie for long, so don’t expect him to dominate the movie, but he is still so great, and every time he is on-screen, his character and the mysterious nature of his character steals the scene.

I didn’t have too many problems with War Dogs, but I do have to discuss a few. First of all, I don’t think that War Dogs has that moment that I’m going to remember forever. Let’s think about a movie I mentioned earlier that I compared War Dogs to before I had seen the film. Let’s think about The Wolf of Wall Street. I’ll never forget the scene where Belfort and the police are sitting on that yacht, and I’ll never forget that conversation. The other movie I was going to compare War Dogs to is The Hangover. While I probably like The Hangover and War Dogs about equally, I will never forget the scene where Mike Tyson knocks Alan out cold, or even a few other scenes from The Hangover. I just didn’t think that War Dogs had that scene that I will never forget because it stood out above the rest of the film. Finally, The Hangover, which was also directed by Todd Phillips, began with Phil on the phone in a scene that happened much later in the movie. I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t know the term for that. Anyways, War Dogs opens the same way, but I thought that the scene was kind of unnecessary. Once I saw how that scene ended, I didn’t think that the movie had to open the way that it did.

Overall, I would definitely suggest checking out War Dogs because it is so interesting and gripping. Both leads, Teller and Hill, are fantastic, and this is definitely a movie that deserves to be recognized simply because it has such a fascinating story to tell. I also complain about comedies not having a sufficient amount of laughs all the time. I have no complaints about War Dogs. It pumped out the intelligent laughs when it was necessary, and it really worked for me. I thought that Bradley Cooper killed it when his character was on-screen, and I was just so interested in him. We never fully understand or know his intentions or his actions, and that is what made him so great. I’m going to give War Dogs an 8.7/10.

Will you be headed out to see War Dogs this weekend? If you are, comment down in the comment section and let me know! Also, I should have reviews out for both Ben-Hur and Kubo and the Two Strings later this week, so be sure to stay tuned for those! As always, thank you, and keep listening to 88.7 The Pulse!


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