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PRESS RELEASE: “DUNK” Clinton & Trump This Election Day!

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Emily Aiton (480) 461-4157   Emily@pulseradio.fm

Election Day is going to be busy! Once you cast your vote, make your way to Desert Car Care of Chandler, on the southeast corner of Chandler Boulevard and Dobson between 6am and 9am on Tuesday, November 8th.

88.7FM The Pulse has secured two Dunk Tanks along with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, (at least people who are dressed to look somewhat like them) and you can take your shot at your least favorite candidate in the dunk tanks! Hit the target, and down they go. It’s your only way to take a shot, without the Secret Service coming to get you!

Word is former Presidents George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and President Obama will be stopping by to take a bath too!

Plus, there will be free Krispy Kreme Donuts and lots of fun with 88.7FM The Pulse’s morning show “The Morning Beat” with Steve Grosz and Jonathan Schaupp.

We hope you’ll stop by for some great Pictures!

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