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Why Him? Movie Review

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I always look forward to a good comedy. I love to laugh, and unfortunately, we don’t see many strong comedies anymore. We might get two or three every year that really get us to bust a gut, and it’s sad because I think we all need a few laughs. I had faith in this one. I thought the trailers were funny, and the cast is so likable. James Franco has been in some of my favorite comedies of the 2000s and 2010s. Everyone loves Bryan Cranston, and Zoey Deutch is on the rise with movie after movie. Her movies can be hit-and-miss, but she’s getting good work, and partnered with everyone in this cast, I couldn’t think of any possible way I didn’t get some chuckles. Let’s talk about the movie!

Why Him? is directed by John Hamburg and stars James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, and Keegan-Michael Key. Ned, played by Cranston, has always been extremely close to his daughter Steph, played by Deutch, but after she has been at Stanford University for a few years, he learns that she’s not exactly telling him everything. She has a boyfriend who is loud, crass, and has no-filter. Ned, his wife, and his son all travel to California to meet his daughter’s new boyfriend, Laird, played by Franco, and they’re greeted in a way they never would have expected.

I go into a comedy wanting to laugh, and that’s exactly what this movie made me do. It made me laugh. That’s all I can really ask for, right? I thought it used a lot of the same story that we’ve seen before with the son-in-law trying to impress his future, or even current father-in-law, but they used a lot of gags extremely well, and they used the characters in a great way. This movie worked and was hilarious because of the talent behind it and because of the characters. Laird is a technological genius and a multimillionaire, and he has become the way he is through isolation and human interaction that you probably wouldn’t see in a professional environment. I thought this film did a great job putting Laird together and keeping him consistent and imaginable. You can see exactly how the way he was raised and his fortune has made him the person he is, and despite being loud and crude, he ends up being a character we can latch onto and understand. We also really understand Ned’s point of view because he has been extremely close to his daughter his entire life, and as a very straightforward business owner, this whole new look at the world shocks him, and it’s obviously not something he’s ready for. I also thought that Keegan-Michael Key was so amazing and so funny, and he has this great recurring gag that just about had me rolling on the floor every single time. I also thought Megan Mullally was hilarious, and I would love to see her in more movies. I’m not going to have a paragraph with my negatives like usual because there isn’t much to say. It’s predictable and has a similar storyline to many different comedies, but it uses the characters in a great way to pull laughs out.

Overall, Why Him? made me laugh extremely hard, and I’d even say it will eventually be a movie I pick up for my own collection to watch during Christmas time to get a few chuckles. James Franco and Bryan Cranston play so well off of each other, and Keegan-Michael Key and Megan Mullally are amazingly funny supporting characters. Whenever I go into a comedy, I don’t need the most original premise or the most ground-breaking filmmaking. I just want to laugh, and Why Him? did that for me. I would suggest seeing it because I think it’s a ton of fun with lots of great jokes, and if you’re craving a better R-rated Christmas comedy after Office Christmas Party, Why Him? might be the movie for you. I’m going to give Why Him? a 7/10.

There are so many movies out at the theater this weekend, so which ones are you going to be checking out? Comment down in the comment section and let me know! With this likely to be my last review before the holidays, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend, and as always, thank you, and keep listening to 88.7 The Pulse!

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