WATCH: Student gets out of ticket by Juggling for the Police

Nobody likes getting pulled over by the police, but University of Central Arkansas junior Blayk Puckett kept his cool during a routine traffic stop near campus late last Friday night, when two officers noticed him driving slowly, and with a broken taillight. Typically, a college student pulled over for questionable driving on a Friday night can only mean one thing (Drunksville, population you, bro), however when the officers spoke to Puckett he told them he was merely heading home from the library. A likely story!

It was only after the officers asked Puckett to step out of the vehicle — following some chit chat about his off-campus apartment — that they learned for a fact that the student had definitely not been drinking. When one of the officers asked Puckett to reveal the contents of his pocket, he revealed himself to be a magician and juggler, which he proved by procuring three juggling clubs out of the backseat of his car and giving the officers an impromptu show. He even asked one of them to record it for him on his own phone, because it’s probably not every day one gets pulled over and is asked to juggle for some cops.

In hindsight, the officers could have probably surmised who they were dealing with by the vanity plate that read “JUGGLER” on the back of Puckett’s car, but in all honesty it was probably more fun this way. Puckett — who did not receive a ticket, by the way — later said, “It’s just more fun when you can juggle and have more fun with the officers than a standard traffic stop that’s boring and scary.” That probably goes both ways as well.

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