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The Boss Baby Movie Review

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Movie reviews just keep coming, and it’s not time to stop yet! Next up is The Boss Baby! I love animated movies, but I usually try to hold my hopes in check. Sometimes it feels like animated films are made only for children, but the tide is starting to turn, and more and more animated films are being made for both kids and adults. Pixar has it figured out. Disney’s in-house studio seems to have figured it out. Warner Bros. might have it down  if we’re judging by both LEGO films. Animation is at its all-time best, and it’s a great day to write a review for an animated movie, so let’s talk about The Boss Baby!

The Boss Baby is directed by Tom McGrath and stars Alec Baldwin, Miles Christopher Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Toby Maguire. All his life, Tim has had every single ounce of love that he could ask for from his parents. Every night he gets stories, songs, hugs, and kisses, and he is in no mood to give any of that up. Unfortunately, it’s not up to him, and he ends up with a brand new baby brother. His baby brother turns out to be a bit smarter than a typical baby would be. In fact, he can talk, and he’s a better business person than most grown people could ever hope to be. Tim finds out that the baby has his own mission that doesn’t involve growing up. Tim doesn’t want to share the love, and the brand new baby doesn’t want to be part of a family, so they have to work together to send the Boss Baby back up to the baby factory.

Even though I love animated films, I was surprised with how much I liked this movie. It’s not an excellent movie or anything, and it’s not shattering ground in any way, shape, or form from a technical standpoint or a story standpoint, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it should have been. Alec Baldwin is the absolute perfect decision for the voice of the Boss Baby. His tone of voice is great, and Baldwin nails every bit of comedy. Alec Baldwin kind of seems like someone who was always a grown adult, so casting him as a baby businessman is really funny and perfect. I thought that all around the vocal cast was solid, and even the kid who plays Tim was great and countered Alec Baldwin really well. This movie also had a lot of subtle adult jokes that really made me laugh. I was never rolling on the floor, but I have to applaud how funny this movie really is and how it uses the idea of a baby business man to create jokes aimed at adults. A couple of the babies are really hilarious, and the way that Tim doesn’t always connect to Boss Baby cracked me up. I also think that the dynamic of brotherhood gave the film a lot of heart. It’s fully aware of how a new addition to the family can make others feel. I’m a twin, and my sister and I are the only two kids in my immediate family, so I’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation, but I see it everywhere through different families. It’s a tough situation, and the way The Boss Baby tackled it was smart and gave the situation tons of meaning.

As far as negatives go, it has a lot of the same tropes that you can expect from movies made for kids. Other than the same storyline we’ve seen over and over again, it has meaningless action with a meandering plot, and it ends up being a film where the dialogue is undoubtedly too smart for the story. The jokes are really intelligently written, but the story is so similar to everything that you see in a movie for kids, and it bounces around without having any rhyme or reason. By the climax, I wasn’t really sure what was happening. It follows the idea of the countdown that gives the main characters a certain amount of time before doom, but I still could not tell you what that doom is. It had something to do with puppies, but since this is a movie for kids, who cares? We don’t need to spend time on it because kids are only interested in the jokes and the puppies.

Overall, The Boss Baby is far better than it should have been. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the movie at all, and I thought it was going to come out as one of the worst animated films of the year. Surprisingly enough, it’s not terrible, and I enjoyed a lot of the comedy and jokes that it had to offer. A lot of the comedy is really geared towards adults, so grown ups have something to enjoy between the jokes with real world applications and the relationship between the brothers. It’ll also entertain kids very easily with its quick action and colorful visuals. The story is something you’ve seen 100 times, maybe more, and by the end of the film you probably won’t have any clue what it was trying to get at, but it’s far more enjoyable and has more heart than I expected, so I can’t complain. I’m going to give The Boss Baby a 6.2/10.

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