Get rewarded for not using your phone during class with Pocket Points

Students who can’t take their eyes off their cell phones in class now have a remedy in the form of an app. Pocket Points is a FREE app on the App Store and Google Play with the central purpose of making it less enticing to use your phone during class. Pocket Points works at a variety of different colleges around the United States and the full list can be found here. It was developed by Mitch Gardner and Rob Richardson, two California State University students who realized the problem of smartphones in classrooms.

“I knew there had to be some sort of incentive to get kids to put their phones away,” Richardson said in an interview with USA Today.

In most cases, you earn about 1 point for every 20 minutes you don’t use your phone during class. However, the more people around you who are using Pocket Points, the faster you will accumulate points. This is part of the app’s effort to collectively reduce phone usage during class.

Pocket Points gives students rewards for not using their phone during class. Simply open up the application, lock your phone, and start to get rewards. Pocket Points is a great way to prepare you for the real world and just another way to save money and get awesome discounts!

You can later apply those points to a variety of different products, foods, and more. A variety of college town businesses support Pocket Points, as do large national chains such as Chick-Fil-A, Papa John’s, Wendy’s, and more. As for what you get, it varies based on location and retailer. For instance, I can get free Chick-Fil-A after racking up 5 points and can usually rack up 5 points in a day or less.

Find more information about Pocket Points by downloading the FREE app on the App StoreGoogle Play or by visiting

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