McDonald’s advertising gets high and gets giggles

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

A road side billboard in New Mexico is garnering quite a few laughs and a lot of social media shares online. The sign, paid for by the world’s largest chain restaurant, McDonald’s, exclaims, “Usually when you roll something this good it’s illegal,” and shows a Bueno green chile breakfast burrito. It’s located only 10 miles from the New-Mexico Colorado border. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, but not in New Mexico. Restaurants like Denny’s, Chipotle, and Taco Bell have used similar marketing in the past to attract this demographic. Now a McDonald’s franchisee in Raton, (Spanish for “small rat”) has joined the fun. For the record, Raton, New Mexico has a population of about 6,300 people. News of the ad originally reached Albuquerque, NM (230 miles from Raton) when a local news affiliate first reported on it which resulted in a mass social media sharing frenzy.

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Jeff Kode

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