Texas School District approves paddling misbehaved students as punishment

An independent school district about 75 miles south of San Antonio, TX approved punishing disruptive students by paddling them! The Three Rivers Independent School District confirms that only students who have parental permission will suffer the consequences. Students will receive one paddling for minor incidents, such as disobeying classroom rules. Texas is part of 15 states that specifically allow schools’ use of corporal punishment; eight other states have no laws or regulations against it, according to the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, part of the U.S. Department of Education. Arizona is one of those 15 states that legally permits corporal punishment in public schools, though some educators call it “archaic.” What are your thoughts on spanking at school? Parents, do you spank your kids? If you had children, would you spank them for misbehavior? I can tell you when I grew up, and I misbehaved, my Dad had a paddle he called my friend, and if we were out in public and I was being bad, he would pull me aside and say, if you don’t cut it out, we’re gonna talk to your friend when we get home. It worked almost every time because I knew if I wasn’t good, I would get my butt spanked! Kids these days get away with so much! What’s a little discipline to keep em in line?

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Jeff Kode

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