It’s the Lord of the Flies movie remake you never asked for starring an all female cast

Author William Golding’s 1954 novel, “Lord of the Flies,” was probably required reading in your high school English class, but could you re-imagine the classic story occurring with all females? Warner Brothers has decided that you need a remake of the 1963 and 1990 film versions told from a female perspective … or not! That’s the irony that has social media responding so passionately. The producers decided to hire two male writers to pen the screenplay. For those unfamiliar with the plot, a group of schoolboys become stranded on a desert island when their plane unexpectedly crashes, and they try to create order and peace while they wait to be rescued, but they eventually turn to violence and murder. Original novelist William Golding once said, “I think women are foolish to pretend they’re equal to men – they’re far superior, and always have been.” One of the screenwriters of the new version explained, “that the film adaptation hopes to challenge conventions.”

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Jeff Kode

Jeff Kode has previously written articles for The Arizona Republic ALT section, as well as other publications including Echo Magazine and IONAZ Magazine. He is an enthusiastic movie lover, and enjoys discovering new music. He was previously on air middays with his own show The Sugar Rush, and can now be heard 6-9am on The Morning Beat with Steve and Jeff at 88.7 The Pulse.