The Chainsmokers recent unintentionally racist remark set social media ablaze with responses

All it took for social media to be set ablaze was a joke about eating dogs and Twitter responded by attacking electronic dance music and pop artists The Chainsmokers. Was it funny or tasteless, no pun intended, you decide!

But in all seriousness, one of the members of the group, Alex Pall was being interviewed in China during one of the duo’s tour dates when he mentioned that he would love to bring his dog, Cheddar, with him on tour, just not to China where he may get eaten.

After making the statement to an Asian interviewer, he appeared to giggle a bit, whereas the person taking the interview seemed shocked as they peered right into the camera. Fans of Asian descent took to Twitter to say that they were not amused and some went so far as to say it was racist.

The Chainsmokers later issued an apology saying how much they love their Chinese fans and would never intentionally do anything to offend anyone. They went on to provide a link to stop animal cruelty in the regions of China that continue to partake in the dog meat festival.

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Jeff Kode

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