Genius of the week attempts to rid home of not so itsy bitsy spider and this happens

If you love those cute little creatures called spiders you may not want to read any further. Just a fair warning.

If you run away and jump up on a chair everytime you see a spider, then you might relate to this hair-raising story.

Because of its size, the wolf spider can appear much more dangerous than it really is. It certainly is no itsy bitsy spider!

One smart California man experienced that for himself and reacted by attempting to kill a wolf spider with a torch lighter. Uhh, not the best move there buddy!

In the process, he set his apartment ablaze.

The Redding Fire Department said the spider was covered in flames when it scurried to a nearby mattress, catching it on fire.

The fire spread to a flag collection and drapes in the bedroom, the Record Searchlight reports.

Residents attempted to extinguish the flames with a garden hose but were unsuccessful.

Though no one was injured, the fire caused $11,000 in damages and the residents will have to move out.

The fire department posted a friendly public service announcement on their Facebook page, saying: “Call an exterminator if you have spiders…and don’t try to burn them.”

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Jeff Kode

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