Tide Pods put in prison for putting people in peril

It all began with someone eating a cute colorful Tide Pod for internet fame, but it quickly turned into a dangerous game of ingesting toxic chemicals whether on purpose or not.

It concerned some national retail stores, namely Walmart and Walgreens, so much that they made the decision to lock Tide Pods behind glass doors or in secured plastic blocks that are normally used on sharp razors or higher-priced items such as video games.

All they want to do is to eat the “forbidden fruit,” aka detergent sacks, leading some people (well, YouTubers) to actually attempt to ingest the pods, with Tide themselves forced to release several cautionary statements against putting actual cleaning fluid in your mouth.

This stupid challenge is clearly what has led to the added security measures in stores.

Basically, stop eating detergent guys ! YUCK!

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Jeff Kode

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