March For Our Lives offered many moments of hope for change

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

The March for Our Lives is over, but the student drive for gun reform is just starting.

After hundreds of thousands of people across America marched to put pressure on politicians to make changes to our country’s gun laws, a group of student activists in Wisconsin started a four-day, 50-mile march to take their message to Janesville, Wisconsin, home of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

If anyone would accuse Gen Z, those aged 14 to 20, of being slackers, CNN’s AJ Willingham explains: The era of slacktivism seems to be over.

It’s spectacular how the Parkland students pulled off a massive national protest in just five weeks since the attack on their school.

There were so many memorable moments from the weekend’s marches including Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter’s dream of “enough is enough;” Paul McCartney participating in the march, in honor of John Lennon; the Parkland shooting survivor who threw up during her emotional speech but then kept right on talking.

But the march will be best remembered for someone who said nothing. Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez was on stage for six minutes and 20 seconds — and for several minutes stood in complete silence. It was exactly how long it took a gunman to kill 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

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