Presidential polls continue to push for party’s nomination in 2020 race

Based on the average of six major polls, including CNN, over the past 60 days, presidential hopeful Joe Biden hopes to secure his party’s nomination for the 2020 U.S Presidential Election.

Even though we are still 18 months away from deciding our next leader, it is essential to note who has early momentum. Since entering the race, the former Vice President under Barack Obama is surging in recent surveys. Right behind him is the near 2016 nominee who won some primary states over Hilary Clinton. Then comes a slew of other candidates most people do not know much about. We hope to change that.

Average results of six major polls indicating 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination preferences –
39.0% Joe Biden (+23.5)

15.5: Bernie Sanders

7.7: Elizabeth Warren – A Senator who promises universal child care through raising taxes on those making $50 million annually or more.

7.2: Kamala Harris – Former President Obama called her, “brilliant, dedicated, and tough.” California’s first black U.S. senator and the first Indian-American senator.

6.8: Pete Buttigieg – Indiana mayor who won twice in a deep red state. Also a war veteran who served in Afghanistan. Openly gay and married, Buttigieg would be the youngest president ever if he was elected.

4.3: Beto O’Rourke – Texas Senator who voted to protect consumers from predatory financial behavior. He was rated 92% by the National Organization of Police Officers (NAPO), indicating a tough-on-crime stance.

2.5: Cory Booker – New Jersey Senator who believes in job-protected time off for bereavement and illness. He also supports allowing importing prescription drugs to lower Rx prices.

1.3: Amy Klobuchar – Senator from Minnesota who supports free two-year community colleges.

0.7: Tulsi Gabbard – Wants more funding & services for victims of domestic violence.

0.7: Julian Castro – Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama. He has earned a degree from both Stanford University AND Harvard.

0.7: Andrew Yang – CEO of a non-profit entrepreneurship organization who believes in pay equity for women and minorities, and supports improving teacher salaries to improve student success.

0.5: Tim Ryan – Hopes to require insurers to cover breast cancer treatment.

0.5: Jay Inslee – Washington Governor who has said his number one priority will be climate change.

0.5: Kirsten Gillibrand – New York Senator who feels we should protect American jobs from going overseas.

0.5: John Hickenlooper – Former Colorado Governor who highlighted his progressive wins across issues like gun control, climate change, and health care in a campaign video.

0.5: John Delaney – U.S Representative from Maryland. He supports raising corporate taxes to pay for infrastructures like better roads, bridges, etc. He thought ending the DACA program was cruel, heartless and mean-spirited.

Less than 0.5% – Michael Bennet is a Colorado Senator who believes in building more small businesses.

Marianne Williamson is a New York Times best-selling author. In one of her books she shares that we should, “transform the American political consciousness and encourage powerful citizen involvement to heal our society.”

Eric Swalwell is a California representative who wants to increase funding for education and advocates for renewable energy jobs to be created with federal stimulus money.

Wayne Messam is the mayor of a small city in Southern Florida. He has called for the cancellation of all student debt. So far his campaign has raised money the third highest contributions from Arizona.

Seth Moulton is a U.S Representative from Massachusetts. He is also a former Marine. He earned a master’s degree in business and public policy from Harvard.

Mike Gravel is a former Alaska senator who served in the Army and supports “full funding” of the VA system.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio is a proponent of affordable housing.

On the other side, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld will challenge President Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020. Weld made the announcement about an exploratory committee at an event in New Hampshire in February, where he told the audience “We cannot sit passively as our precious democracy slips quietly into darkness.” – Boston Globe. Weld, who was on the 2016 Libertarian ticket, has since returned to the Republican Party. Weld, a Trump critic, said in a statement “it is time to return to the principles of Lincoln — equality, dignity and opportunity for all.”

Donald Trump is our current U.S leader who is running for re-election in 2020.

Which Democratic Green Independent Libertarian Republican candidiate do YOU support? Find out more at! See you at the polls Monday, November 2, 2020!

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