Love Your Dog? Netflix Wants To Hear YOUR Story

Netflix Documentary series "Dogs" renewed for Season 2, and they are looking for special stories between dogs and their owners!

That’s a good boy!

Netflix just wrapped up Season 1 of their documentary series simply titled, Dogs and are now looking for new dogs and their owners to tell their story on Season 2!

Dogs was released in November of last year, and it’s a Netflix Original show that portrays the heart-warming relationship between a dog, and their owner. Six episodes later, it became a hit.

In one episode, we meet Zeus, a Siberian Husky who was trapped in Syria and his owner, who was willing to go great lengths just to see his furry friend again.

Another showed us the beauty of Lake Como, Italy to tell the story of an Italian fisherman and his 10-year-old lab, Ice.

How do you throw you and your dog’s name in the hat? All you have to do is post you and your dog’s story on social media and tag @netflixdogs and use the hashtag: #netflixdogstory

That’s worthy of a treat!

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