Be Careful! Dog In Washington For Burned Paw Pads

If a dog's paw can get burned in Washington... it can happen in Arizona

Summertime is here, and if you like to take Fido for walks, be careful!

Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital in Medical Lake, Washington issued a warning to pet owners about the dangers of taking your pet for a walk after treating a pup for severely burned paw pads.

Vets across the southwest see it every year: dogs or cats that come in who need casts on their paws because the pads on the bottom of their feet became exposed after walking on hot ground.

Even though they are rough, dog’s feet are not meant to withstand extreme temperatures. They are designed to take significant pressure from falls.

Veterinarians suggest testing the pavement before taking your dog for a walk. Stand barefoot or put the backside of your hand on the ground, and if you can’t stay there without feeling pain or the urge to move, it’s too hot.

Protect your pups this summer!

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