25-Year-Old Women Survives On Breathing, No Food

This women fasts for up to 97 days, but claims she gets plenty of energy from breathing

People go through the weirdest diets imaginable to achieve the body they want. We’ve seen it all, but how about just not eating?

A 25-year-old women from Minnesota named Audra Bear is making headlines across the nation for her diet plan, which consists of very little to no food. She claims to get all of her daily energy from breathing… no, she isn’t dead.

In fact, she seems to be in great shape.

She also said that there are times where she goes 97 days without an ounce of food.

This way of living is actually a decently popular trend. It’s called the “pranic” lifestyle, and sometimes gets referred to as “breatharianism”. It consists of occasional (by occasional, I mean once every couple weeks or a month) fruits and vegetables as well as juice, but mostly just air.

“My energy is heightened, my senses are stronger, and I’m feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been. I feel relaxed about life and a deeper connection to myself,” she said in a statement to Fox News

She also says that she was previously a raw vegan prior to this diet (eating nothing but 100% natural food that doesn’t come from an animal) for 4 years, but that wasn’t quite enough.

However, even though she has been sustaining her health for some time now, there are still critics who say that this kind of diet can do harm to your health.

“A diet that only includes fruit juices and teas is likely to be low in energy so although initial weight loss may occur, in the long term you will be missing out on important nutrients for good health,” said Helena Gibson-Moore, a nutrion scientist who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science from Kingston University in England.

Whether or not, Gibson-Moore is correct, she’s going to – like – get a TON of likes on that new bikini picture!

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