Did You Cancel Amazon Prime After Prime Day? Well, You’re Not Alone

The phrase: 'canceling Amazon Prime' was the most searched for thing during Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day was a success!… Or was it?

Companies nowadays try to attract consumers by offering a free service (Amazon Prime in this case), to try to get people to take advantage of a crazy deal (Prime Day in this case).

In return, these companies hope that the people who signed up for free trials, end up forgetting about it so that they receive monthly payments from them after the fact.

Spoiler alert: that was absolutely not the case for Jeff Bezos and friends.

According the a study conducted by Capitify, internet searches across multiple search engines for “Canceling Amazon Prime” were 18 times higher than the average amount… and this was just on Monday, before it was over.

“If Amazon is hoping to use Prime Day as a way to sign up and retain new Prime Members, they might need to rethink their retention plan,” Capitify told Forbes when asked about the data.

“According to search, consumers are signing up for Prime, getting their deals and then canceling membership shortly after.”

Customers, before actually paying for the service, can sign up for a 30-day free trail. However, the majority of people who canceled, hadn’t even payed for one month before canceling.

People in their free trial period also have access to benefits for the remainder of the 30 days, even if you canceled before surpassing 30 days.

Not exactly what Amazon had in the plans, but hey – enjoy your new $60 kitchen set!

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