Justin Heintz

Hi there! Justin is currently 23 years old and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the Digital Media Director for 88.7 The Pulse.

You can now add friends on Snapchat via a URL

Snapchat is incredibly simple to use. One thing has always been surprisingly troublesome though: Finding and adding new friends. With the app’s latest update, however, that issue isn’t much of a problem. To share your Snapchat account with your friends, just make, and then share a personal Snapchat URL (http://snapchat.com/add/pulseradioaz). To do this, first open up the app, then pull downward …

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WATCH: The Holderness Family parody Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

The Holderness Family have become YouTube sensations with their song parody videos. Their latest uses Justin Bieber’s hit “Sorry” as inspiration to sing about what it’s like for parents to get their party on at age forty. Date nights start when the sun is still out, you get drunk early, and the dancing stops when the club starts playing the …

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How to generate your best nine Instagram photos of 2015

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably seen your friends post their “best nine” Instagram photos of the year. If you’re wanting to generate your own (presumably less liked) best nine, just head over to 2015BestNine.com, enter your Instagram user name, and see which pictures got the most love this year. The site also tells you how many cumulative …

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iTunes is having a HUGE sale on HD movies!

Want to save some money on movies this Christmas? Now is your chance! iTunes is having a huge sale on HD movies for a limited time. There’s about 50+ movies ranging from blockbuster hits to critically-acclaimed indie films, and everything in between. Films that typically range in price from $15 – $20 have been knocked down to $5-$10, and several movie bundles have been discounted …

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Kim Kardashian now has her own Emoji

Kim Kardashian wants to takeover your keyboard. Ever been in texting conversation and found yourself completely unable to express yourself because there’s just not an emoji of Kim Kardashian? It’s unfortunate that society has come to this point, but if you answered ‘yes’ to the question above, there’s finally an app for that. Kim Kardashian now has an official emoji …

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