Justin Lyons

Hey, it’s Justin Lyons! I am the Chief Film Critic for The Pulse. Have any questions for me? Please feel free to email me at movies@pulseradio.fm

The Revenant Movie Review

The weekend is here, so thanks to FatCats Gilbert and their awesome movie theater, it’s time for another movie review! Unfortunately, there aren’t many big new releases this weekend, so let’s talk about one that was a very limited release until this weekend called The Revenant. I have been so excited for this movie for such a long time. It …

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Top 20 Movies of 2015

2015 is officially over, so it is finally time to talk the best movies of the year. I think overall it was a pretty good year in movies. Lots of great movies with great performances and directors. There are so many quality films to talk about, so I’m going to go over the twenty best movies of the year. These …

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Joy Movie Review

The year is almost over. Just a few more reviews before I can release my Top 20 Movies of 2015. I have almost seen every movie of the year that I want to see before I make that list, and after seeing a few movies over the weekend, I’ve gotten a little bit closer to knowing what will go on …

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens SPOILER TALK

SPOILER ALERT: Well, it has finally come. Maybe the most anticipated movie of all time swept theaters worldwide on Friday the 18th and shattered not only a pre-sale ticket record, but also came in and destroyed the opening weekend box office record previously held by another 2015 film Jurassic World by reeling in $248M domestically and $529M worldwide. Basically what …

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