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20+ Halloween Snacks That Look So Wrong But Taste So Right

No Halloween house party is complete without some spooky and tasty Halloween treats. They don’t have to be sweet, either – there will be plenty of candy to steal from your kids for months to come. So if you’re looking for ideas for sweet or savory Halloween snacks, this is the post for you!

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The FTC Sues AT&T Over “Misleading” Unlimited Data Throttling

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States today filed a federal court complaint against AT&T, accusing the carrier of misleading its smartphone customers by charging them for unlimited data while reducing their data speeds by up to 90 percent. According to the FTC, AT&T did not adequately explain to customers with unlimited data plans that they would be …

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The best day to buy airline tickets is…

You’ve probably heard that the best day to shop for airline tickets is Tuesday, when a flurry of fare sales are usually announced. Scratch that, according to new data out today from the Wall Street Journal. An in-depth analysis of round-trip airline ticket purchases through online and traditional travel agencies found that Sunday is best day to nab the lowest …

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Tickets on Sale for EVIT Foundation Gourmet Breakfast

The EVIT Foundation is inviting businesses and community leaders to enjoy a gourmet breakfast and support scholarships for deserving students at the East Valley Institute of Technology. The foundation’s annual Gourmet Breakfast Fundraiser, from 7-9 a.m., Nov. 5 in the EVIT Culinary Banquet Hall, 1601 W. Main St., Mesa, helps low-income students pay EVIT program fees. While EVIT is tuition-free …

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I Phone 6 So Hot…it started on Fire!

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – It’s one of the hottest smartphones on the market but is the new iPhone 6 too hot to handle? A Phoenix man says it was for him; he says his iPhone 6 caught fire while still in his pocket. The phone even burned a hole through his pants leaving him with second-degree burns on his leg. He’s …

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Facebook Announces ‘Safety Check’ tool for disasters

Facebook Inc. is launching a tool that lets users notify friends and family that they are safe during or after natural disasters. The tool, called “Safety Check,” will be available worldwide to the social network’s 1.32 billion users on computers and mobile devices. This includes the basic “feature” phones many people still use to access Facebook, especially in developing countries. …

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