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NASA discovers water on planet Mars

Scientist’s have found evidence that there is water on Mars. With this new discovery, scientist’s believe that trickles from water are the cause of the dark streaks that appear on the surface of the planet. These new findings support the implications that there could potentially be life on Mars, and that could lead to break through’s in planning for human …

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When can we expect to see a new album from Nick Jonas?

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans can expect to see a new Nick Jonas album soon! Nick’s upcoming album will most likely come out later this year or early next year, but he says before he releases the new album, he may release a “re-packaged” edition of his self titled album “Nick Jonas“. Nick’s latest single, “Levels“, is available now on iTunes. …

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Beyonce and Ed Sheeran perform ‘Drunk In Love’ together

This weekend at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, Ed Sheeran joined Beyonce on stage to perform an acoustic version of “Drunk In Love“. Wow, this gave us chills! What did you think of Ed and Beyonce performing together? Tweet us @pulseradioaz and let us know! PHOTO: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen  

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JoJo releases new music video for ‘When Love Hurts’

JoJo released her new music video for “When Love Hurts” on September 28. The video starts with JoJo standing in an abandoned warehouse, while background dancers move in to help out, performing a unique hand-ography near her face. Check out JoJo’s new music video below:  

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‘The Splat’ is bringing back all of your favorite ’90s shows

’90s kids rejoice! Nickolodeon is bring back all of your favorite classic childhood shows with “The Splat“. Nickolodeon announced that The Splat will launch on Monday, October 5, and will feature eight hours worth of nightly programming. Here are some of the shows you can expect to see on The Splat: Angry Beavers CatDog Clarissa Explains it All Hey Arnold! …

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Sam Smith releases new ‘Spectre’ song ‘Writing’s on the Wall’

After teasing the release of the upcoming Spectre theme song earlier this week, Sam Smith finally released “Writing’s on the Wall” this morning. “Thank you for all your amazing messages,” he tweeted after releasing the song. “Today is such as special day for me and I am so grateful to everyone supporting this track.” You can download “Writing’s on the …

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