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Target selling out of Men’s’ T-shirts featuring female singers

Retail giant Target used to sell graphic T-shirts with exclusively male musicians and bands on the front. That was until now! At the hot price of $12.99, Target stores across America are selling out of popular female singers featured on men’s T-shirts, including one of Britney Spears self-titled 2001 album cover. It seems that guys are saying, “Gimme More!” of …

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Britney Spears pranks bodyguards with Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas

Thinking about being Britney Spears’ bodyguard? You’ll have to go through a pretty crazy process to get the job! Britney Spears appeared on “Best Time Ever” Tuesday night (September 22) where Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas helped her prank potential bodyguard candidates in the “Voices In Your Head” segment. Harris and Jonas were in a different room where they …

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