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Ranch Dressing for a year offered in mini keg for holidays

A favorite salad dressing is now available in a mini-keg! Hidden Valley Ranch is offering a year’s worth of ranch dressing through their website. You think this is excessive or perfect for parties? According to a KTAR News survey, 93% said they would pass, it seems excessive, while only 7% claimed it would be perfect for parties. Despite the skewed …

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80s icon Jolt Cola returns in 2017 with all the sugar and twice the caffeine

Fans of the 1980s will surely remember Jolt Cola, America’s original energy drink, which promised all the sugar and twice the caffeine of regular soda beverages. Jolt Cola disappeared from store shelves in 2005 due to alleged “bad business decisions,” but returns with a vengeance after a 12 year hiatus. Originally launched in 1985, the sugary soda will once again …

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