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McDonald’s advertising gets high and gets giggles

A road side billboard in New Mexico is garnering quite a few laughs and a lot of social media shares online. The sign, paid for by the world’s largest chain restaurant, McDonald’s, exclaims, “Usually when you roll something this good it’s illegal,” and shows a Bueno green chile breakfast burrito. It’s located only 10 miles from the New-Mexico Colorado border. …

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Who knew? McDonald’s has a secret menu!

The next time you go to McDonald’s, why don’t you order something off of the secret menu? Yes, McDonald’s has a secret menu! News of the menu surfaced online when a Scottish McDonald’s manager came clean via Reddit. 1.  2 Cheeseburger Meal All American Big McChicken Biscuits and Gravy Chicken McGriddle Fries with Big Mac Sauce Grilled Cheese Land, Sea and …

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