Mesquite “WildCat Burger” or Gilbert “Tiger Burger” High Schools battle it our for Naming rights to Burger

From East Valley Tribune:

Two high schools in Gilbert are in the midst of a competition to get a burger named after them for a month at a new downtown restaurant.

Gilbert High School and Mesquite High have spent the last two-plus weeks competing in a contest to see which school can get the most hashtags for Zinburger Wine + Burger Bar. Students, staff and community members have either used an image from the Zinburger website or used a photo from the school and posted it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms hashtagged #GHSZinburger or #MHSZinburger to represent each school. The schools have until Oct. 28 to post the hashtags, and Zinburger will announce the winner Oct. 30.

Whichever school wins will have a burger named after it for the month of November — Zinburger general manager Dericka Pradt said the restaurant usually has specialty burgers weekly — as well as free French fries to students from the winning school throughout November.

544ac26255a43.imageGilbert High School student council adviser Sara Lazar said the fries have proven to be a good motivator for students, but she said the biggest incentive for the Tigers’ participation is the portion of the proceeds the winning school receives from the burger.

“If we win, we’re splitting all the money we get to all the clubs on campus,” she said.

Lazar said the school has used that as a motivation to get as many students involved in the contest as possible, although she pointed out the potential for free French fries has provided a strong incentive as well.

Word of mouth has been the way Gilbert High has gotten its students, teachers and others involved, but Lazar said a factor that has helped the students is the format of the contest. Teenagers, she said, use social media frequently, so using that as the format is in essence second nature for the high school students.

“It’s very current and something they’re comfortable with, something they’re doing,” she said.

Mesquite student council adviser Jodi Alder said students at her school, as well as the school’s alumni, have taken to the contest and are doing what they can to flood social media with the school’s hashtag.

Both Gilbert High and Mesquite are part of the Gilbert Public Schools district, although they aren’t traditional rivals, at least athletically, because their football teams play in different divisions, and Lazar said her school’s traditional rival is fellow Gilbert Public Schools member Highland High School.

Alder said the relationship had a slightly different view of the schools’ competitive relationship, although she said the other school isn’t necessarily the top priority for the Mesquite students.

“We just like to win, regardless of the opponent, we just like to win,” she said.

Pradt said the reason Zinburger picked Gilbert High and Mesquite was because of proximity; the schools are the two closest high schools to the restaurant’s location in Gilbert.

“These are going to be people who are going to be our guests,” she said.

Zinburger’s Gilbert location is at 344 N. Gilbert Road. More information about the restaurant is available by visiting

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