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Point Break Movie Review

It’s time for the newest movie review here on 88.7 The Pulse thanks to the Recline-N-Dine movie theater at FatCats Gilbert!

Point Break 2015

It is a weird day of the week for a movie review, but let’s get it going with a movie that came out on Christmas, but has kind of become a huge misstep by Warner Bros. Pictures. It’s a completely unnecessary remake of one of the most fun action movies ever made by the name of Point Break. I can’t say I was seriously excited for this movie. The day after I saw the trailer, I was severely disappointed, and when I went to the local record store to try to find a copy of the original Point Break, the clerk asked me what I thought of the new trailer. I said, “It looks,” then paused for minute in hopes not to offend anyone who may have liked the trailer, but I still said, “horrible.” We both laughed and agreed, and by then, most of the entire staff, who had joined in on our conversation, all agreed that it was unnecessary and it didn’t look to do the old movie justice, but we would still always have the 1991 original. My entire family loves Point Break. My dad and I will always throw quotes at each other, and the other will quickly respond with another quote. I showed him the trailer, and he thought it looked okay, but he asked why Johnny Utah is already an extreme athlete, as well as why Bodhi looks like a murderer. Both of which I thought were very valid questions. I thought Edgar Ramirez had some potential, but I had no idea what to think about Luke Bracey. Also, I haven’t heard anyone else making this connection, but the director of 2015’s Point Break, Ericson Core, is a cinematographer. He was actually  cinematographer for the original 2001 The Fast and the Furious starring Vin Diesel and the tragically deceased and very well-respected and loved Paul Walker. That movie was the original remake of Point Break. It didn’t come out and say it, but it was Point Break with cars. I just thought that was an interesting thought and connection that I haven’t been seeing anyone make. As you can see, I really didn’t want to see Point Break, but I did promise a review with a Throwback Thursday announcement or tease, so let’s do it.

Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah

The new 2015 Point Break is directed by Ericson Core and stars Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Ray Winstone, and Teresa Palmer. Thrill seeking Bodhi, played by Edgar Ramirez, along with his fellow adrenaline junkie friends steals money and valuables to be able to give to the poor. Johnny Utah is a FBI agent who feels as though he can use his abilities as an extreme athlete to infiltrate Bodhi’s crew. The FBI soon begins to question Johnny Utah’s loyalty to the law, and even he must step back and think about what really matters to him.

Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi

As I said previously, the original Point Break is one of my favorite movies of all time. Right from the beginning I felt connected to every character, and I knew what I was getting into with the storyline. Unfortunately, this movie was different. This movie begins by introducing Johnny Utah as an extreme athlete, and right off the bat, I had a problem with the film. It kickstarts by trying to reintroduce us to one of the most likable characters of all time, but I could tell that I wasn’t going to care about the characters, and that followed through for the entire film. I literally could not have cared less about the characters. Johnny Utah was so unlikable that I could never get behind him in the entire movie. He was arrogant and so underdeveloped that I could not connect with him through his traits, experiences, and relationships. Luke Bracey didn’t exactly help by giving a very substandard performance. I know Keanu Reeves isn’t an Oscar-winning actor at all, but he fits the role of Johnny Utah so well. Keanu Reeves is insanely likable, and Luke Bracey just isn’t, or at least didn’t prove to be in this role. This movie also took a character with an unbelievable amount of swagger and soul in Bodhi and made him boring. While Point Break did have a few well done and entertaining action scenes, the rest of the movie is so boring, and it isn’t as fun as what it needed to be from the standard set by the original. I may be tied up in the original, but when you put a remake of a film together, that is the benchmark. It is what you will be compared to unless you rise far above the original (like the 2012 film Dredd). The characters fell so far short of where they needed to be, and when anything happened to the characters, I couldn’t feel any emotion for it.

Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah (left) and Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi (right)

This movie failed in the filmmaking aspects as well. It was not well enough written or directed to have anything to make it it’s own film or give it any purpose. The entire movie felt pointless to me. Point Break is mostly fairly well done action scenes with some dialogue in the middle to give it somewhat of a story. Multiple times while watching Point Break I found myself wondering how we got to where we are now, and it seemed to just be a cash grab. This movie wasn’t made to display these actors in situations that they could succeed in, and it took a cinematographer as the director in an attempt to make it work. A lot of times cinematographers have a difficult time transitioning into directors, and this movie was no exception. I could tell that it was directed by a cinematographer because it went for truly breathtaking shots and completely ignored the storytelling aspect.

Point Break 2015

Overall, I did not like Point Break. The only time I found myself moderately entertained were during a few action scenes, and I was actually impressed by how some of them were shot and the practicality of what was happening on-screen. After that, I could not have cared less about this movie. Things that should have been important were not focused on, and I could never get into the movie. I have to believe that it was hoping or a little bit of the Christmas movie theater action or even some Star Wars spillover. I’m going to give 2015’s Point Break a 3.8/10.

Post bank robbery in 2015’s Point Break

So did you guys get a chance to check out Point Break? If you did, what did you think? Movies are subjective, so if you had a good time with Point Break, don’t be afraid to let me know. I found some enjoyment in Point Break in the scenes where the characters are performing some of their feats, but could never get into the film. If you’ve seen the 2001 film, The Fast and the Furious, what do you think is the better remake of Point Break? There should be a few more reviews out the rest of the week, and in honor of the new Michael Bay film coming out this weekend, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, I will be reviewing his first war film, Pearl Harbor. Stay tuned for that as I should have it out sometime tomorrow!

Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah in 2015’s Point Break

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