‘Deadpool’ sets record for biggest opening ever for an R-rated movie

Deadpool is already breaking box office records.

Deadpool, Fox’s new film starring Ryan Reynolds, earned a whopping $47.5 million on Friday, which puts it among the top 10 comic book movie openings of all time, and at number one for an R-rated feature. Only 10 superhero movies have crossed $100 million in any given three-day weekend.

The opening day is also higher than any of Fox’s other X-Men related films to date.

Deadpool is expected to gross $117 million during it’s first three days, as well as $130 million over the course of the President’s Day weekend. It’s no wonder why 20th Century Fox has already green-lit a sequel for Deadpool!

The foul-mouthed anti-hero will have absolutely no problem blowing away the $94 million that was earned by Fifty Shades of Grey last year over the four-day weekend, as well as the top February launch in history.

If you have yet to read our very own Justin Lyons’ review of Deadpool, you can do so by clicking here.

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