High School Senior buys 900 carnations flowers for all 834 girls in Sky View High School!

No one wants to be left out when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

High school senior Hayden Godfrey , 17, made sure every girl received a rose on Valentine’s Day.

According to, The Herald Journal, he worked for serval jobs and saved his money for a year and a half to buy a flower for each of the 834 girls in Sky View High School.

Some of the jobs involved working as a cook in McDonalds and a dishwasher at a Mexican Restaurant.

Godfrey payed $450 for 900 carnations.

But why DID Hayden do it?

According to ABC News, Hayden thought of the idea in middle school, when some of the girls didn’t receive anything.

“That broke his heart on Valentine’s Day.” Hayden’s mother, Erin Godfrey, explained. “He wanted every girl to feel joy.”

It wasn’t only for the girls that made Hayden think of it, but also for himself.

“So many girls feel down on Valentine’s day”, he shared, “I’ve never gotten anything for Valentine’s Day either…In a way I sympathize. I devoted myself to kindness each year. I try to make every girl as happy as possible!”

Way to go Hayden from the Pulse Crew! Keep up the good work! ??

Anisa Afkhami

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