Watch: Adele’s “Hello” has a new Google Translate remix and it’s hilarious!

We’ve seen it all.

Adele’s hit #1 song “Hello” rapidly changed by artists all over the world, from covers to TV shows. 

But there’s one video that made it to the top list.

YouTube singer Malinda Kathleen Reese, placed the original lyrics of “Hello” on Google Translate and created something amazing “from the other side”.

Words that were “There’s such a difference between us” expressed “There is conflict between the United States”.


Although, it wasn’t just the words that made Malinda’s video popular, it was also her facial expressions and perfect timing.

According to ELITE DAILY, Reese’s YouTube channel has been “dedicated to translating popular songs back and forth from different languages using every high school Spanish student’s favorite tool, Google Translate.”


Anisa Afkhami

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