Jennifer Aniston Is ‘PEOPLE’ magazine’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Congratulations to Jennifer Aniston!

Actress Jennifer Aniston, also known as “Rachel Green” in the hit TV show FRIENDS, was named as the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in PEOPLE magazine for the second time!

Learning to embrace her appearance over the years, Aniston told to PEOPLE, she feels her most beautiful after a workout.

“We’ve got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies, and how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s,”

Besides watching her diet and exercising six times a week for about an hour, Aniston shared that beauty is also shown as how we see ourselves too.

“Beauty has changed for me over the years,” she told the magazine. “It’s really learning to love every single thing about yourself, she said.

But beauty, she added  is not just a question of external looks.

It comes with “taking on challenges, and… not feeling like a failure or allowing people to critique your life and make you feel like you’ve failed at something. That’s just toxic noise.”

Not only was she the World’s Most Beautiful Woman but an inspirational speaker too!



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